MARND is a design-driven organisation, focused on practical physical design solutions.

The company is also working on a number of in-house products, and the design service is provided by its design studio, MARND Studio.

MARND Studio is focused on the design of practical elements that achieve business goals. The studio is most experienced in design for manufacturing (DFM), that is solutions applicability. As a design-focused organization, MARND helps innovative businesses define, analyse, and solve design-related challenges.

  • Design Research. Research new ideas to establish its position in market against ready available current ideas, patents, and products.
  • Conceptual Design. All main design features are imagined and then frozen at the preliminary design phase
  • Detailed Design. Design analysis helps polish features details and prepare the design for test and optimisation.
  • Test and Optimisation. Simulation analysis and physical prototypes are used to optimise design parts  for usability and  manufacturing.
  • Manufacturing. Design files are prepared for vendor communication, followed by vendor selection and supervision.

This structured development process is explained in details on the design service page.


Technical drawing of a mechanical part

MARND Studio specialises in mechanical design for manufacturing. That is designing parts and assemblies from various materials to create functional products. This design process is structured and involves many techniques. The end mechanical product is a solution to a need, which could be:

  • New market segment
  • Underserved market segment
  • In-house operation challenges


Compact power conversion chip

MARND Studio also develops supporting electronic chips for new mechanical products, ranging from simple power conversion chips to more complex electronic sensing and control chips.

Global Clients

MARND caters to various businesses globally and embraces market diversity. The company researches and develops physical design solutions, with special care to internationally recognised intellectual property rights. 

Our design service: