Idea to Product

We use products, such as electric devices, every single day without ever stopping to appreciate how they came to be. Someone worked hard to bring an idea to life and managed to get their product manufactured in order to improve our lives. We all formulate ideas in our heads all the time but not all of us know how to make them a reality.

If you want to know how to bring an idea to life, follow the bellow tips.

Write it Down

Make sure you write down everything that is important to your idea. This includes things like what it is, what it does, the target audience and how it will be marketed to consumers. These things are important when you want to bring an idea to life, as well as when forming the business plan to show investors and getting a patent.

Do Market Research

Before you think about how to manufacture a product idea, you need to make sure you have a market. And before you enter the market, you must ensure that you researched it, gathering vital information that can help you take advantage of opportunities and gain a competitive edge. The best way to do this is to go directly and talk to the consumers using information gathering techniques like surveys, questionnaires and focus groups.

Get Others in Board

When you decide to take on every aspect of your idea alone, there is a chance you can end up being overwhelmed. While being the jack of all trades means you get to enjoy a greater cut of the profits, it is impractical with the demands of modern life. Where possible, try to work with professionals that can ease the work; for example, to get your product manufactured, you can work with an experienced and capable manufacturer.

Build a Prototype

A prototype is the first tangible representation of your idea, making it extremely important. The good thing about a prototype is that it need not be something fancy or expensive to produce. It can be a rudimentary representation as long as it is able to demonstrate the feasibility of idea. You can always improve it from there.

Patent It

In this step, you have a functional product design and prototype that makes getting a patent worth it. This will ensure that no one else duplicates your idea for profit without your permission. Once you have a prototype, you are ready to fill out an application for a utility patent. Just make sure you have a patent professional look it over before filing.

Make a Business Plan

A business plan is not just a good way to convince investors to fund your product idea. It is also a means of ensuring that you always remain on track and get your product manufactured and available on the market as soon as possible. It will outline all the goals of developing the product and the strategic decisions and steps you must take to make the idea a success.

Test the Product

After you get your product manufactured, you need to test it out on the market on real consumers. Since that is Version 1.0, chances are it will not be perfect off the bat and you might need to work on it further. Also, with the tendency of consumer needs to change, you need to make sure that the product remains relevant to the people you want to use it. So make sure you are getting constant feedback from people about your product through testing.

Having an idea is nothing if you don’t know how to put an idea into production. Now that you know what it takes to bring an idea to life, you can get the product manufactured. This will not only allow you to create a company but also ensure its continued existence.