Engineering Products
Mechanic & Electronic

A research and development organisation providing engineering design for manufacturing and assembly DFMA.

MARND develops solutions utilising various technologies and materials to create practical products. It helps innovative businesses define, analyse, and solve design-related challenges, to achieve business goals.

MARND caters to global businesses and embrace market diversity. This service helps clients cater to new market segments, compete in under-served markets, or solve operational challenges.

MARND was founded in 2013 and is currently incorporated as MARND LTD in the United Kingdom.



We act as an R&D (research and development) department for our clients. We also research and develop some of our own products.

  • Feasibility Study and Research
  • Concept Development
  • Preliminary Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Electronics Integration
  • Design Prototyping and Test
  • Design Review and Optimisation
  • Manufacturing Preparation & Management

MARND general client list is confidential. The first reason being the company works on technologies rather than marketing concepts. Most new projects result in a competitive product that continues to be developed for generations. It is usually in the interest of all stakeholders to keep information about development confidential. The second reason is simply to avoid setting a narrower perspective to what MARND can actually do.

MARND stands for MA (initials of early founders) combined with the common acronym for research and development (R&D). The trademark was originality developed as MARn’D and has since been transformed into the word MARND. The word MARND is a registered trademark, since 2015.

MARND has 100+ years of combined engineering R&D experience. MARND handles almost all the risk of developing a new product. This leaves clients with the peace of mind necessary to focus on marketing and implementation of the new product. MARND acts proactively to help clients at every stage of the development process from solution generation to implementation.