MARND story

MARND Studio story explores the studio “practicality” niche and how it came to be. The story was unearthed during an interview with the studio director Mohamed P.Hassan, hosted by Erik ten Have. It covers interesting details about the Studio Team and their unique work. The podcast was produced by Asia Tech Podcast, a Singaporean based media company focused on telling the story of why Asia Matters.

This interview gives insight into MARND studio process and how its global team works together across borders. It also goes into detail on how the studio focuses on providing complete practical solutions beyond aesthetics to help its global clients.

MARND success

Last year was a great year for MARND. In addition, to great group of clients we have around the world, we managed to sign a long term design contract with one of Fortune 500 companies.

We look forward to another great year and we hope 2018 will be prosperous for all our current and future clients, as well.

MARND in China

Happy 2017 everybody. We wish you a great successful year.

Last year was full of adventures like no other, our team spent almost half of 2016 in China from east to south. We managed to visit dozens of suppliers in various cities and villages. Yes, a lot of core suppliers for standard components are bases in small villages that often focus on a single product.

We have also expanded our team last year, to sustain our growth. So we look forward to serve you even better throughout 2017.