MARND Trademark

Last year was a great year for us and we hope it was for you too. We look forward to 2016 with great hope it will be a thrilling year for all of us at MARND and our clients worldwide.

Last year, on 15th of May 2015, MARND® was finally recognised as a registered trademark. This was an important step to secure our brand.

This year we also managed to secure our unique brand name handle on majority of social and technical platforms. We hope this will help our brand recognition and make it easier for our future clients to get in touch with us.

MARND Incorporated

We are happy to share with you that last year, or rather last month, on the first day of December 2014, our company MARND was incorporated as MARND LTD in Scotland, by the Companies House of the United Kingdom.

We are officially in business after going through a little over a year of market positioning and research. We hope 2015 will be prosperous for us and you. We look forward to your enquiries for new research and development projects. May we create the most awesome products for you this year.