Research feasibility and possibilities

Project research allows you to find out if your challenge is practically solvable. MARND research process is very comprehensive.

Start with one idea or more and ends with a detailed report in the form of a booklet that covers everything from challenge analysis to final recommended solutions with conceptual designs included.

Feasibility study and research

Conduct market and technology research to assess your product idea against readily available ideas and products on the market.

The research investigates active competition and ideas that could develop into competing products in the not-distant future.
The feasibility study delivers an understanding of the industry landscape. It is also assisted by a preliminary review of past and current valid intellectual property (IP) to gauge the feasibility of developing proposed solutions.

Projects can include travel and on-site visits to evaluate challenges, where communication with end-users and stakeholders can help set and evaluate design goals. A survey of prices offered for competitor products can also be done to estimate possible savings an innovation could bring.

Concept development

Feasible ideas are shaped to achieve set goals with features selected to enhance the product efficiency and manufacturability.

Concepts are hand-sketched to produce helpful visual representations of those winning ideas and features.

The conceptual development is done in cycles, until a healthy number of iterations is generated, where concepts define the overall look and feel of the product.
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