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Plan solutions and identify challenges

The planning session is a call about your specific idea or challenge. We listen to your story and provide details on expected challenges and possible solutions for your development project. Planning a solution takes into account specifics that vary from one challenge to another. Fruitful solution projects start with strategy sessions and a development plan. MARND solution planning covers all initial blind spots and saves you time and money.
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Plan your project based on experienced advice. The session covers identification of following items.
Solution's desired outcomes
Solution challenges and general feasibility
Root-causes and requirements of solution
General direction of solution

After the session, we also send you a technical plan. This is a detailed document tailored to your development project. It starts with a concluded brief, and goes through an execution methodology, and recommended development options. The technical plan includes a timeline and the estimated cost of various development phases. It also breaks down your development project into stages.

Is it for you?

This session would be helpful to your project, if you need to identify one or more of the following.
Design direction
Material options
Technology options
Manufacturing method
Recommended quantity
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