Plan new products and identify challenges

Get advice on your specific idea or challenge. We listen to your challenge and recommend suitable solutions. Planning a new product takes into account specifics that vary from one challenge to another. Fruitful projects start with a development plan, and MARND planning helps you cover all initial blind spots and saves you time and money.
Click now to book two hour planning session for €199. Full refund anytime before session.
A planning meeting is helpful when you need to identify one or more of the following.
Design direction, ex. style, material
Technology options, ex. old vs new
Production methods
First iteration/patch cost
You get experienced advice on your project and identify the following.
Project objectives
Product expectations
Challenges variety and root-causes
Project technical feasibility
Project requirements
Next steps

After planning meetings we create a custom development plan. This is a detailed document tailored to your project. It starts with a concluded brief, and goes through an execution methodology, and recommended development options. The development plan includes a timeline and the estimated cost of various development phases. It also breaks down your development project into stages.
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