Modern Halogenerator

One main switch
On, Off or switch control to remote WiFi mode, all from one switch.
Easy access
HG2 is build to last with little to no maintenance, and if maintenance is needed the bottom base gives access to all components on location.

Practical Capacity

Volume and speed
Covers salt rooms within minutes and only needs a salt refill after multiple sessions.

Powerful Design

Power supply
High ampere power supply maintains required current
Modern motor
Anti-rust and dust-proof powerful grinder motor

Easy Installation

Hanging hooks
Removable hanging hooks for easy installation
Salt reservoir
Accessible and transparent salt sink
registered design
(design patent)

Useful Features

Remote control
WiFi central operation
Large capacity
390 mL salt sink capacity
Minimal cleaning
No daily cleaning required
Light weight
7 kg net weight
Competitive price
EUR 1,900

Great Package

A modern halogenerator with easy refill, operation, and little to no maintenance. Remote control one or more halogenerators from any mobile or tablet.

Following are MARND HG2 features and specifications.

Model year


Daily maintenance

Not required

Salt reservoir capacity

390 millilitre

Halo generated hourly

100 cubic meters

Power wattage

400 watts

Compatible wall outlet

110 / 220 volts

Overall device size

276 x 251 x 310 mm

Net weight

7 kg

Price (EUR)

€ 1,900

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