MARND HG1 is a modern halogenerator in a compact package that is simple to use.


  • Single switch toggle between automatic operation or wireless control
  • Single button indicator for excess salt cleaning, no guessing required
  • Simple drawer housing grinder, independent from device
  • Powerful grinder and silent fan

Bonus Features

  • Control up to ten (10) HG1 devices from a single tablet/phone
  • Single button WiFi connectivity
  • No exposure to internal wiring
  • Physical lock for settings panel
  • Modern simplistic design


  • Salt Compartment: 180 milliliter
  • Air flow rate: 100 m3/hr
  • Power: 400 watt
  • WiFi connectivity: a/b/g/n
  • Grinder speed: adjustable
  • Auto-timer: adjustable
  • Size: 302 x 265 x 225 mm
  • Weight: 5.1 kg

What is included

  • EU and UK power cable
  • Wall attachment kit (optional)
    • outlet brick
    • wall frame
    • hanging supports
    • hanging screws

What is a halogenerator

Halogenerator grinds salts into micron sized particles. The device then blows the powder into an isolated room, commonly refereed to as a salt cave.

Halogenerators are the corner stone of halotherapy, which is treatment by exposure to a salt environment. The treatment involves breathing the salty air generated by halogenerator. A variety of salt types can be used with this device, such as Himalayan salt or ordinary table salt.

This is not medical advice and you should always consult a professional doctor, before using halotherapy or being exposed to salt generated from halogenerators.

Halo generation

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