MARND Services

The product research and development process has many elements. MARND simplifies the process and helps clients get to quality end products through a proven structured process. MARND clients range from those who come with an idea or a challenge, to those who seek final design optimisation for manufacturing.

We provide a hands-on service, reliving clients from stress and risk associated with new solutions development. Development highlights are communicated periodically for evaluation and feedback.

Project Planning

Fruitful development projects needs to start with a planning phase. Although, financial and marketing plans are great, they need to work hand in hand with a technical plan. Planning the project timeline needs to take into account specifics that vary from one product to another. The same goes for development and production cost.

Project Research

Market Research, Technology Research, and Intellectual Property (IP) Research help establish the product idea position in market against ready available current ideas, patents, and products. This gives an understanding of the industry landscape. In this stage, past and current valid intellectual property (IP) are analysed to assist the feasibility of developing the proposed new innovation.

Product Design

After concept development is concluded, the preliminary design is created to define features sizing, location and functionality. This is then followed by detailed design, which defines detailed parameters of the product, e.g. material, dimensions and tolerances.

Product Manufacturing

Final technical drawings are created to allow accurate tolerance communication to vendors. These drawings clearly communicate the product specifications to vendors regardless of their experience or location.

Next comes, vendors survey, selection, communication, and supervision, can take place. By the end of the production process quality checks are conducted to ensure conformity of the produced product.