R&D Process

The product research and development process has many elements. MARND simplifies the new product development process and helps you get to quality end products through a proven structured process. Our clients range from those who come with an idea or a challenge, to those who seek final design optimisation for production. We provide a hands-on service, reliving clients from stress and risk associated with new solutions development. Development highlights are communicated periodically for evaluation and feedback.

Solution Planning

Planning a solution takes into account specifics that vary from one challenge to another. Fruitful solution projects start with strategy sessions and a development plan. MARND solution planning covers all initial blind spots and saves you time and money.

Solution Research

Project research allows you to find out if your challenge is practically solvable. MARND research process is very comprehensive. It starts with one idea or more and ends with a detailed report in the form of a booklet that covers everything from challenge analysis to final recommended solutions with conceptual designs included.

Solution Design

MARND product design turns ideas and concepts into practical products. The process covers preliminary design, where general features and functions are developed, and detailed design. This is then followed by prototypes prepared and tested to verify the design.

Solution Production

MARND manages the production process from early stages using a cyclic loop of prototyping and design optimisation, followed by preproduction and test deployments. After the product performance is satisfactory to all stakeholders, relevant producers are surveyed for matching capabilities and suitable ones are selected for the product supply chain. Mass production is then managed up until quality control is done and products are dispatched.