Project Planning

Planning a new product development (NPD) takes into account specifics that vary from one product to another. Fruitful projects start with consultation and a technical plan. Although, financial and marketing plans are great, they can only workout if a technical plan is also in-place. MARND project consultation helps plan your product development, covers all initial blind spots, and saves you time and money.

Consultation Calls

A video/voice call about your specific idea or challenge. We listen to your story and provide details on possible challenges involved throughout the development cycle. The discussion helps you decide on the possible development project and if is better to go with a ready solution instead. By the end of the discussion you have a clear understanding of how to move forward.

Development Plan

Comprehensive well prepared several page document tailored to your development project. Starts with a concluded brief, and goes through an execution methodology, and recommended development options. The technical plan includes timeline and estimated cost of various development phases. It also breaks down your development project into stages.