Mohamed Hassan

Mohamed Hassan – Director
directs the design process, coordinate work and manages communication

Ayman Yosry

Ayman YosryConcept Designer
creates innovative concepts for new products utilising various materials and mechanisms

Tamás Túri

Tamás TúriConcept Designer
creates concept sketches from world-class artistic perspective

Mahmoud Tarek

Mahmoud TarekDesign Engineer
develops practical computer aided designs optimised for usability and manufacturing

Ahmed Hany

Ahmed Hany – Mechanical Analyst
analyses design mechanisms and develops parametric designs using equations

Abbas Said

Abbas Said Manufacturing Advisor
advises company on best manufacturing practices, with 40+ years experience

A. HamedMarketing Advisor
advises company on best marketing practices, with consultation and eCommerce experience

Mohamed Emam

Mohamed EmamBusiness Advisor
advises company on best business practices, with life long entrepreneurial experience

Tina Ariyani

Tina Ariyani Business Advisor
advises company on best business practices, with consumer science knowledge

Chifundo Kasiya

Chifundo Kasiya Copywriter
researches and develops periodical, informative, and helpful articles for the studio blog

Thanks for your interest in our team. MARND is always on the lookout for great talent to scale our operations, while maintaining the great service our clients have come to trust and love.

Currently we are looking for following talents:
> Sales researcher (Engineering background preferred)
> Graphic designer (Cooperate background preferred)
> Electronics/Embedded systems engineer

Feel free to email [email protected] for opportunities to join us. Our team loves working here, and we hope you will too.