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UX Upgrade

Create new web interfaces for the business or service offerings
Review and optimise old web interfaces based on actual user flow analysis
Performance optimisation using asset compression, relocation, and cache control
Security, login points, and user flow review and optimisation

Flexible Packages

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Packages are purchased through PayPal. Unused packages are refundable.

Pay As You Go

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Please email us at to enquire about the Pay-As-You-Go service.

Case Study

Master Business

Master Business School needed an extremely fast interactive website to use for marketing their courses. We developed their new website from scratch.

All content they needed from their old website was safely transferred and adapted with subtle animation that should appeal to their younger audiences. The work was done extremely fast and feedback was incorporated in real-time during live sessions. They now have their most important content on a page that loads fully under two (2) seconds.

This is among the top required features to avoid bouncing traffic, that is visitors who leave the website before it loads. In general, any website that loads in less than three (3) seconds is OK globally. In countries with developed internet user base like the United States, around one (1) second loading speed is becoming increasingly necessary.


Our old homepage had a low-bounce rate of less than 30%. Most of our visitors had to wait for 3 seconds or more. However, we had an exceptionally high bounce rate for visitors coming from social media referrals.

We studied the typical user journey through the website and optimised the website UX accordingly. Now users are engaged from the moment they land on the homepage. The bounce rate is much lower for social media referrals, and users are staying longer.

The homepage now loads in under one (1) second, and usually gets 90+ points on Google's PageSpeed ranking.

Adaptive Service

Request tasks via a dedicated email that comes with your package. Get remote live support on your PC / Mac whenever needed.

Easy booking allows you to choose the most time suitable for you, directly from our live online calendar. Setup live-support appointments within seconds without the need to send a single email.

Advanced Support

UXSUB gives you access to excellent support. Whether looking for bug fixes, layout changes, modification of existing features, or simply content updates.
Backup & restore important files
Manage third-party developers
Live support on your desktop

Have a slow website?

Here are the five (5) most common reasons:
1. Lots of processing. Elements loaded need significant computing power.

2. Complex code. The code has extra unused parts or worse it is significantly patched.

3. Lots of resources. The website requires too many elements to show its pages.

4. Huge size. Maybe it has a few elements, but the byte size of each is not optimised or compressed.

5. Hosting location. Hosting server is geographically far from visitor location.


What are package hours for?

Each package has a number of hours that can be used to fulfil your requests. These requests range from existing user-interface review to new user interface planning and development, or other needed tasks.

How to request the service?

You can start by purchasing the "Basic" package, which gives you four (4) hours of our time.

How are the hours used?

The purchased hours are used based on your requests. For each requested task, you would be informed of the expected time needed. We also inform you if the time to finish the task is on its way to exceed the expected allocated time. That way you can decide if you need to focus on the same task or save the hours for other tasks.

What happens after purchase?

After you purchase a package, you automatically get redirected to a thank you page. There you get to select the time of our first meeting.

What is first meeting all about?

The first meeting, after you get a package, goes over your business needs and how you want to use your purchased hours.