The Breakdown


MARND provides a niche service, developing mechanical-based consumer and industrial products, with electric and electronics components.

There are a lot of companies working within the same niche, however, mostly are not design service providers. Those companies work to develop their own products, provide OEM products, or contract manufacturing. These companies usually do not offer their R&D capabilities to work on other companies projects. Contrary to those, MARND gives its clients this leverage, as soon as an agreement is in place you effectively have an R&D department working on solving your very own challenge.

Almost half of engineering service providers, not working in construction, are working on Automotive. Most of the remaining providers develop software-based products, mainly because mechanical-based projects are extremely difficult compared to software-based projects. Mechanical challenges usually do not involve quick fixes, since those deal with physics limitations. However, knowing those very limitations allow MARND to push the envelope beyond what is precipitated to be possible and achievable.

MARND says YES for difficult challenges and says NO for easy ones. We do not undertake projects mainly concerned with aesthetics, since the results are intangible. We focus on projects with tangible results, while giving reasonable care for aesthetics. MARND believes good design is beautiful, but does not pursue vanity concepts, that do not contribute to better functionality.

Small providers, with 1-4 persons, tend to focus on software-based products. Large providers, with more than fifty (50) employees, up to thousands of employees, have the ability to tackle most challenges. However, these larger co-operations usually focus on non mechanical-based projects, to satisfy higher profit margins required by shareholders. This is the same for most medium sized service providers, who usually choose to focus on software-based products, or develop concepts and packaging, similar to smaller providers. MARND has chosen to focus on mechanical-based products.

MARND focus on mechanics allowed it to acquire development know-how on a variety of mechanical systems and materials. A skill unmatched by app developers searching for a casing to your device. Although the app development business is important, some products are simply need to physically exist. MARND develops those physical tangible products for you.


Seamless Experience

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    Global Service

    The global experience allow MARND to plan and execute design to manufacturing with regulations and supply chain in mind.
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    Multi-Industry Approach

    The multi-industry approach allows MARND to port technology and solutions that work for one industry into another.
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    Hands-On Service

    The complex process of researching and developing new products is simplified by having MARND manage all its aspects and report periodically on progress through easily understood charts.

Comprehensive Services

The product research and development process has many elements. MARND simplifies the process and helps clients get to quality end products through a proven structured process. MARND clients range from those who come with an idea or a challenge, to those who seek final design optimisation for manufacturing.


Rewarding Solutions

MARND designs for practicality using integration and modularity concepts to achieve better quality using simpler manufacturing and assembly techniques whenever possible.

MARND uses physics limitations to redefine expectations and push innovation beyond the perceived envelope.

MARND solves challenges by matching engineering possibilities to business needs.