MARND design studio provides a niche service, solving mechanic, electronic, and user experience challenges using scalable solutions.

There are a lot of companies working within the same design industry, however, mostly do not have the engineering element. Those who do are split between those who work in the construction industry and others who solely focus on aesthetics.

At MARND we love providing practical solutions to improve user experience (UX) and solve actual challenges. We solve challenges in mechanical and electronic products, in addition to user interface challenges in virtual and physical products. We believe a great user experience is what counts, so we can optimise your existing solution or create a new one with that end goal in mind.


Seamless Experience

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    Global Service

    The global experience allows MARND to plan and execute the development process from planing to production with the supply chain in mind.
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    Multi-Industry Approach

    The multi-industry approach allows MARND to port technologies and solutions that work for one industry into another.
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    Hands-On Service

    The complex process of researching and developing new products is simplified by having MARND manage all its aspects and report periodically on progress through easily understood charts.


Global Suppliers


Comprehensive Services

The product research and development process has many elements. MARND simplifies the process and helps clients get to quality end products through a proven structured process. MARND clients range from those who come with an idea or a challenge, to those who seek final design optimisation for production and distribution.


Rewarding Solutions

MARND designs for practicality using both integration and modularity approaches among others, to achieve better quality allowing simpler production requirements. Our knowledge of physics limitations, allows us to redefine expectations, push innovation beyond the perceived envelope, and solve challenges by matching technical possibilities to business needs.